WM Mobile Armory available

by Bran van der Meer

I know there are several wm wow apps already, but I still wanted to make my own, because I think I can make a better one with lesser system requirements. Not finished yet, but released to receive some feedback, here it is:

Mobile Armory

The application can show the basic stats and a picture of your wow character on your wm screen. It will pull live xml data from blizzard's armory, and thus it needs to be connected to the interwebz.

It requires a working internet connection, and will try to connect without asking! I am NOT responsible for any extra costs your network operator will charge you!

Documentation probably not coming (unless you beg for it). Just try it, its not that hard to install/run, you can mail me if you have questions.

Phone requirements
- Windows Mobile 5.0
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0

You can determine the .NET version you have by running the following file on your Pocket PC:

Download BETA (last updated 26 Dec 2008)
The application itself is free, and you can download here. Like I said, It's definately not finished, but more a proof of concept to do some wm development.