Website just renewed, fully python and html5!

by Bran van der Meer

Just redone my entire website, in Python and HTML5! I have been planning to do the rebuild quite some time. But then again, It has to come out of my free time, which basically means for me that simple stuff like this can take a year. A year it didn't take, but long enough though.

I wrote my own python framework in the mean time, to get up running quickly (not). I focussed on porting my php framework (which is mostly Zend) to python. The conclusion is that I love the language! Its very refreshing for a 5-year experience php developer to have more mature language to work with. The syntax is heaven to me.

I decided I wanted to work with good ORM software, and chose SQLAlchemy for the job, great software! I picked Jinja2 for my templating needs, it uses the Django templating syntax more or less, which is good since I want to build some familiarity with Django over time as well. I'm not sure if I want to end up using the entire Django stack though, I like my own thing combining SQLAlchemy and Jinja2 at the moment.

The use of those projects basically prevented me from using Python 3.1, which I would have loved instead of 2.6. But because of SQLAlchemy and Jinja2 it was not meant to be. I've been hearing that SQLAlchemy is almost ready for Python 3 via 2to3 now, but since I dont plan on switching templating engines, I'm going to wait until Jinja2 is ported to Python 3 (it's in the experimental phase at the moment, almost ready for me, but not just yet).

And then html5! Hmmm html5. More please. But yeah, I read Dive into HTML5 from Mark Pilgrim, after which html5 wasn't that strange anymore. I then ported my website within the hour.

And the last few days I'm busy with getting ffmpeg to convert webm, h264 and ogg after eachother, without me having to recompile ffmpeg for another format first. Currently I suck at ffmpeg, but I will definately master it soon. And when I do, my video's will be converted for html5 sweetness, ready for every device possible! At the moment I'm this far, the html5 part is not the issue, just the video codecs.