Bash: how to build a aggregated list of file extensions with number of occurrences, sorted

Lately I find myself needing to count the number of files in directory, grouped by extension more and more often. So I started brewing on a solution, also googling a bit here and there. Found something, but that one doesn't work if you have directories with a dot in it, and it wasn't very efficient either if you've got lots of directories and files to count.

cd to a directory and execute the command below.

find . -type f | rev | cut -d . -f1 | rev | sort | uniq -ic | sort -rn


Note: it ignores differences in case when comparing extensions. If you don't want that, remove the i parameter from the uniq command.

Files without a extension are seen as unique extension, so you better filter them out first or put a | head -10 or whatever behind it.

Example output:

  82845 html
   8332 rss
    345 png
    168 jpg
     52 js
     14 xml
      9 css
      3 gif